Delivery Zones

Currently Tankworld delivers rainwater tanks into Victoria, New South Wales, the A.C.T, South Australia and Brisbane in Queensland.  In these states, our delivery structure is broken into three zones:

  • Zone 1: This is a Standard Delivery Zone* from our Swan Hill manufacturing plant
  • Zone 2: This is a Standard Delivery Zone* from our Rutherford manufacturing plant
  • Zone 3: This requires you to contact us to discuss delivery options                                                                                                                                                                       *Standard delivery charges apply.


In order to determine a tanks availability in your state and town the below links are of maps showing the zones mentioned above.  Simply click on the state that you live in to see the delivery zone coverage.

South Australia
New South Wales & ACT

Please note that these maps are a graphic representation of the delivery zones.  For clarification, you should call 1800 68 69 70 during business hours or click here to contact us if you unsure about the availability of tanks in your area.

Delivery of your order

Our delivery times are approximately 3 – 4 weeks from payment of deposit, subject to availability. Please note this may change during peak periods.

You will be contacted approximately two weeks prior to the projected delivery date, which will be the final confirmation of delivery. It is important to recognise that at this point the manufacturing will have begun, therefore no changes to the order can be made. It is possible that the delivery date may need to be changed due to a variety of circumstances (wind, roadworks, site issues are among some of these). If this occurs, every effort will be made to contact you as early as possible.

All orders are delivered Monday to Friday, delivery is not available on Saturday and Sunday. For any special requirements, you should call 1800 68 69 70 during business hours or click here to contact us.

Tank Delivery Requirements

  • Ensure that your site is prepared prior to delivery and is capable of supporting the full weight and diameter of your tank across its entire base.
  • Do not use road base for your site as the quality varies widely. If a raised bed is required we recommend either Crusher Dust (sometimes referred to as Manufactured Sand) or Brickies Sand with a retaining beam installed following delivery to ensure no “wash away”. A premium base is level concrete.
  • Tie it down or fill with 25mm of water. This is your responsibility.
  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate clearance through gateways, under carport, down pathways and under trees to gain access to site. In the event site is not accessible, tanks are unloaded at the closest secure location. Relocation of product at a later time may incur a fee. Access is an important consideration.
  • The delivery vehicle might be a combination truck and trailer measuring:
    • Length 19 metres
    • Width 3.5 metres
    • Height 4.9 metres
  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide assistance with tank unloading and positioning. The following is a guide only.
330 Litre –
5,000 Litre*
9,000 Litre –
18,000 Litre
 22,700 Litre –
33,000 Litre
 40,000 Litre –
45,400 Litre
1 person (+ driver)  2 person (+ driver)  3 person (+ driver)  4 person (+ driver)

*Note: 2,500 – 5000 Litre Slimline Tanks, require – 2 person (+ driver).

Please be prepared to advise the driver regarding placement and relevant fittings requirements.