Since 1972, Tankworld have been in the business of making rainwater tanks suited for Australian weather conditions. With a more than 40-years history of manufacturing rainwater tanks, it is safe to say that ‘at Tankworld we know our industry and we know how to produce rainwater tanks to the highest possible quality standards at reasonable prices.’ You can check out our range and pricing at our online shop.

Tankworld produce polyethylene (poly) rainwater tanks ranging from 330 litres to 45,400 litres. In addition to the standard poly tank range, Tankworld also offer underground rainwater tanks.

Why Poly tanks?

  • Rotationally moulded from extremely strong yet light weight food grade materials.
  • One piece construction provides even hoop strength over the entire tank wall; combined with the low or high domed top gives our poly tanks an aesthetically pleasing appearance with unmatched durability.
  • Manufactured in a wide range of fashionable UV stabilised colours.
  • Tanks are suitable for on ground and stand sites.
  • Designed & constructed to have a self supporting roof, no centre poles required.
  • 100% Australian Manufactured Water Tanks.
  • 10 year Warranty.
  • UV20 Rating (highest sun and heat resistance).

Why Underground Rainwater tanks?

  • Quick installation – can be installed in half a day.
  • Modular design allows tanks to be easily joined for additional storage.
  • Strong composite construction – designed and engineered for residential traffic, up to 2,500kg (10,000kg available).
  • Fully adjustable riser.
  • Strong alloy lid.
  • Child-resistant fasteners that secure the lid; plus safety barrier built-in riser.
  • Flat pump recess in base allows for easy installation of a submersible pump.
  • Food grade polyethylene.