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Australia’s best Water Tanks

Buy a Tankworld rainwater tank from our 330L to 45,400L tanks or a popular slimline water tank through our online shop.

Quality Rainwater Tanks

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  • All Tankworld Tanks come as standard with an Inlet Strainer, Overflow, Outlet & Gate Valve
  • All Tankworld Tanks are manufactured to the Australian Polyethylene Tank Standard
  • All Tankworld Rainwater Tanks come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty


  • Roshan Klissarov

    Fantastic service from Lyn & Bec in the office and from Steve the delivery driver. We had two tanks delivered to Sydney despite the lockdown. Would happily recommend Tankworld.

  • Meg MacDonald

    We had our 45,400L rainwater tank delivered today. Ken was so lovely and very prompt with phone calls to keep us updated on when he would arrive. Michelle was so patient with my 101 questions about tanks and pads etc. Would highly recommend.

  • Phil Waine

    Great communication from Jamie, the truck driver. He let me know that he was slightly behind schedule to deliver the water tank. He was polite, efficient, friendly and completed a pleasurable purchasing experience! His driving was exceptional – wish I could reverse like that!! Happy to give Tankworld my money.

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100% Australian made and owned

Tankworld began its operations in 1972 and under its current ownership since 1989, the business has grown and developed into one of the most successful and respected names in the Water Tank Industry today. 

Tankworld manufacturing plants are managed and certified to the ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management Systems, meaning every product is quality assured and all tanks are manufactured in Australia to the Australian Polyethylene tank standard using UV stabilised Polyethylene complying with AS/NZS 4020 and AS/NZS 2070. With plants in Swan Hill Victoria and Rutherford NSW, delivering to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Southeast Queensland, we are well placed to service your water tank needs. 

Through Tankworld we supply an integrated range of products associated with household water management. They include our range of Polyethylene (Poly) Round and Slimline Tanks and DownUnda Underground Tank, Bianco and DAB pumps for those looking to use their rainwater for a range of applications from watering the garden to whole of house water supply applications, including Rainsaver Automatic Rainwater / Mains Water Changeover Device plus a range of tank accessories.

Best Selling Rainwater Tanks


Where can I buy a water tank?

You can purchase a factory direct rainwater tank from the following places:

  • Online at www.tankworld.com.au
  • Over the phone by calling 1800 68 69 70 (free call)
  • Using the contact us form, or
  • By visiting one of the following locations:

Head Office and Sales

Unit 10/7 Frederick St, Sunbury VIC 3429

Rutherford Factory Outlet

52 Gardiner Street, Rutherford NSW 2320

Swan Hill Factory Outlet

193 Karinie Street, Swan Hill VIC 3585

Be sure to ask about our latest water tank prices and package deals.

Does my tank come with a warranty?

Yes, all Tankworld tanks come with a 10 year warranty. Read more about the warranty here.

How do I prepare for delivery and installation?

For information on preparing for installation, visit our installation page here.

For delivery information, visit our delivery page here.

How do I know how much delivery will cost?

Select your preferred product and add it to your cart. Once at the checkout, you can enter your postcode to see your delivery price.

Why use a rainwater tank?

As the world population continues to grow and fresh water becomes scarcer, it is important that we learn how to reduce our usage and store our water. Water tanks can help by storing excess rainfall or snowfall so you don’t have flood your house every time there’s heavy rainstorm.

The earth is covered with 70% of water; however, two-thirds (63%) refer to glaciers and ice caps. As such, there’s plenty that needs protecting! Using a Water Tank can save money while doing your part to preserve this precious resource – all at the same time!