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Portable Diesel Tanks

Tankworld Portable Diesel Tanks are designed to make fuel transportation easy and efficient. Reliable and robust, this Portable Diesel Fuel Tank ute is the perfect choice for any Australian wanting to store and deliver diesel fuel. Carefully constructed with strength at its core, it's been designed to take tough handling so you know your investment won't let you down.

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Big Steel Water Tanks

Tankworld has Big Steel Water Tanks available to order online or over the phone. Helping fellow Australians live a life without any water concerns. Click on the tank to find out more detailed information. Explore our range of Big Steel Water Tanks, available in capacities ranging from 67,500 Litres up to an impressive 300,000 Litres. These tanks are designed to meet your water storage needs, providing a reliable and durable solution for both commercial and residential applications. With their robust construction and high-quality materials, our Big Steel Water Tanks are built to last, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. Choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

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Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks

Tankworld has developed a quality range of poly diesel fuel tanks and diesel storage tank solutions in Australia. Our tanks comply with Australian Standards but also last in our harsh climate. Shop Our Sale Today. Fuel tank storage is an indispensable component of any infrastructure designed for the safe and efficient storage of fuel. Whether it's for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, ensuring the proper storage and containment of fuel is paramount to avoid any potential risks and maintain a secure environment.

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Dog Pools

We have a range of quality Dog Pools in sizes suitable for dogs to enjoy and cool down without breaking them. Grab sturdy Pets splash & bathing pool today.

Key Features;

  • 250L - 500L - 700L sized dog pools
  • 40mm drain bung
  • Reinforced top edging
  • Good all-round access
  • Durable
  • Smooth, easy clean surface
Our popular Dog Pools are crafted from durable Polyethylene, guaranteeing lasting quality for your furry friend. Whether for a refreshing dip or playful fun, this pool offers the perfect combination of enjoyment and functionality. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your beloved pet!

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Water Tanks Range

Browse and shop online from our extensive rain water tanks ranging from 330L – 45,400L. Find the perfect Water Tank Today!

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Package Deals

At Tankworld, we aim to provide our clientele with the highest quality rainwater tanks at the best value. What better addition can we make to your new tank than to package it with a selection of water tank pumps at great prices.

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Water Tank Pumps

Our water tank pumps have been proven best in terms of reliability and value. If you are looking at pressure pumps for Rain water tanks, Tankworld has you covered. Our pump for water tank range is an essential device that helps move water from the tank to various parts of a building or property. Essentially, it provides water pressure that allows the water to flow through pipes and reach taps and other appliances.

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All Tankworld rainwater tanks come standard with a leaf strainer, overflow, outlet and gate valve. Additional accessories are available for individual purchase. We stock a broad range of premium quality water tank accessories to guarantee the most sufficient use of your rainwater tank. There is a range of water tank accessories and water tank fittings available to assure you obtain the most suitable installation of your tank.

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We have a range of Poly animal troughs in sizes suitable for sheep and cattle. Our water troughs are made to withstand the harsh Australian environment. With reinforced top edging and a smooth, easy-clean surface. Grab a quality trough today.

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