Water Saving - 22 February 2023

Can you drink rain water: 6 Benefits and safety

Can you drink rain water? The answer is a resounding yes, depending on a few key factors. Not only is rain water safe to drink, but there are also a number of benefits that come along with drinking this natural source of water. Here’s everything you need to know about the safety and benefits of drinking rain water.

This article is not a substitute for professional health advice. Please consult your doctor or medical professional.

Yes, you can drink rain water! Here’s why it’s good for you…

Believe it or not, rain water is good for you in more ways than one. If there are no health advisories in your area, then drinking rain water can actually be a healthy choice – and can even replace unhealthy sugary drinks that you may typically choose. Not only is it free and plentiful during the rainy season, but if you’re wondering why exactly it can be beneficial to drink rain water, we’ve got some alluring answers! Rain water helps to keep bones healthy by balancing calcium levels, nourishes the cells in your body with magnesium ions and could potentially help boost your immune system. You could say it rains benefits! So don’t just let that refreshing rain fall from the sky; we’re saying you should catch some droplets in a cup and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in alkaline pH, rainwater has detoxifying effects and aids healthy digestion. The free radicals and toxins that we consume daily to make our blood more acidic. Luckily, rainwater helps to counteract this by neutralizing the blood pH, ultimately allowing our body to perform better.
  • Rainwater contains very few minerals, making it exceptionally pure compared to the municipal water supply we often drink from. To ensure this public drinking water is safe for consumption, fluoride and chlorine are often added to help disinfect the water and keep harmful bacteria and germs at bay.
  • Rainwater is excellent for promoting healthy skin and hair thanks to its lack of minerals and alkaline pH balance. Its gentle properties make it far milder than any other water source, making it perfect for sensitive skin or people with dermatological issues. Moreover, its alkaline pH helps to reduce acidity on the scalp, allowing hair follicles to absorb moisture better – leaving you with shinier, healthier-looking locks!

Rain water is naturally filtered and contains minerals that are good for your health

You may have heard that rain is full of health benefits. As it turns out, this old wives’ tale has some truth to it! Rain water provides us with naturally filtered and mineral-enriched H2O – and drinking it can be a good alternative to plain tap water. Plus who knows, maybe dousing yourself in a thunderstorm could be the key to unlocking your inner health superhero! So next time it’s raining outside, don’t just stay inside – why not take an invigorating walk and enjoy all the benefits that rain brings?

However, there are some safety concerns to be aware of when drinking rain water

While there’s nothing quite so delicious as freshly-fallen rain water, it is important to remember that the safety and quality of this source is not always assured. From animals and animal waste to air pollutants, the rain water we drink has a history and should be considered with caution. That being said, taking the proper precautions–such as boiling or filtering the water before consumption–can still be a great refreshment alternative. Just make sure you never look up into the sky when drinking your rainwater–lest you get hit by an all-too-precisely placed cloudburst!

If you’re going to drink rain water, make sure it’s from a clean source

Rain water can be a great alternative to tap or filtered water, but its cleanliness depends on the source. Even if rainwater appears clean and pure, it may contain microorganisms that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. The best way to ensure it’s safe to drink is to get your rainwater from a reliable and well-maintained source such as a covered tank or properly maintained gutter system.

Collecting rainwater can be done easily and safely by investing in quality rainwater storage containers from a trusted source. Knowing that your tanks are made to withstand the elements and hold up for years to come will bring you peace of mind.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure you’re collecting rainwater correctly. If you choose to collect rainwater, take care not to collect any contaminants that are lying around like dirt and leaves, which can lead to waterborne illnesses if ingested in large quantities. All in all, while rain water can be a healthier option than other beverages the key is finding a safe and clean source.

Follow these simple tips for storing and collecting rain water safely

Collecting rainwater is a great way to conserve resources and save money, but it’s essential that the water is stored and collected safely. Follow these simple tips for maximizing the cleanliness of your water supply! Firstly, ensure you have a good-quality barrel or tank to securely store your water – UV protection is crucial to prevent algae growth. Keep the rainwater container away from anything potentially hazardous like chemicals, animal droppings or fertilizers. Lastly, cover your collection system with a suitable fabric filter – this will trap dirt and other unwanted particles before they are able to contaminate your precious H2O! A little effort now will go a long way in making sure you can enjoy healthy and sustainable rainwater for years to come.

Enjoy the benefits of drinking rain water – it’s good for your health and the environment!

Rainwater is one of nature’s best gifts to us! Not only is it a renewable resource, but it also has many health benefits. It can help improve digestive processes and reduce bloating, joint pain, and inflammation. Plus, its natural minerals can help boost your immunity and support healthy skin! And because rain comes from the sky, it doesn’t come with all the salty or chlorine-like taste that normally comes with drinking tap water. So why wouldn’t you want to enjoy all of these wonderful benefits? Drink up the rain — it’s good for you and Mother Nature!

Now that you know all about the benefits of rain water and how to drink it safely, go out and enjoy nature’s best filtered beverage! It’s good for your health and the environment, so next time it rains be sure to collect some in a clean container. cheers!