Tank Installation and Site Preparation

To ensure a long trouble free life for your water tank please follow the recommended methods of installation. If you should have any queries regarding these or other methods of installation please do not hesitate in calling our office.

Critical Points to Remember

  • Pipe work should not place any loading on tank wall (flexible coupling is best alternative).
  • Base of tanks must be supported across its entire area (base support must remain flat at all times). The site must be fully maintained throughout the tanks lifespan.
  • Overflow size must equal or exceed inlet size.
  • Tank must be vented to prevent it being subject to pressure or vacuum (leaf strainer or breather must be installed).
  • Tie your tank down upon delivery.

Preferred Method: Natural Ground

Smooth level site, free of rock or stone, with diameter 600mm (2ft) greater than tank.

Alternative Method: Sand Base

3″ (75mm) Sand Base, with Retaining Beam (sprinkle cement on exposed sand).


  • Stand structure and decking must support full weight (1kg/1 litre of water).
  • Timber Decking should have no gaps greater than 1.5″ (40mm).
  • Tanks should be tied to stand to prevent movement when empty.
  • Pipework must be supported on stand with flexible coupling to tank.
  • Required Method for installation of MO2500: Concrete Base
  • Base required to be 3″ (75mm) concrete base. Dimensions need to be 100mm larger than the base of the tank on all sides.