Tanks - 22 February 2023

Poly Water Tanks

Tankworld has a wide range of Poly RainWater Tanks for use in your home, farm or industrial business. Order your new Rainwater Tank Today.

Polyethylene tanks are strong and resilient, especially in the tough Australian climate. Tankworld has a full 10-year warranty on all polyethylene water tanks.

Poly water tanks are the most vigorous water storage solutions on the market. These tanks have incredibly long life spans and are exceptionally unsusceptible to degradation corresponding to water tanks constructed from other materials.

Not just for the pros! Poly rainwater tanks can be used in your house and on commercial buildings to catch storm runoff. They’re great when you need a Water Tank that lasts longer than two years, has better durability, is easier to clean because there’s no rust or scaling from salt exposure like other materials do—and best of all they come with 10-year warranties too so it’ll last as long as YOU own it!!