Unleaded Petrol Pump & Diesel Pump Kit

Product Code: SPEP12V75


These unleaded or diesel petrol pumps are spark-safe 12V pumps suited for use with unleaded petrol as well as kerosene, diesel and some other fuels and solvents. Ideal for transferring fuels at high flow rates. The kit includes a hose, fittings, dip tube and auto-shutoff nozzle.
12V Pump Features:
  • Simple 12-volt power operation
  • Self-priming
  • Includes discharge hose and aluminium nozzle
  • An automatic by-pass valve is integrated into the pump body
  • Includes built-in strainer
  • Integral On/Off switch
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 12-month warranty
12V Petrol Diesel Pump
These petrol pumps are sealed to be explosion-proof and appropriate for use with petrol, diesel, kerosene, some solvents and mineral spirits. Note: This pump is not recommended for use with aviation fuels as the body of the pump is constructed from cast iron which has the potential to release particles of rust into the fuel system, potentially blocking fuel filters. This pump is predominantly developed as a drum pump, it has a 2" BSP connection making it ideal for mounting to the top of a 44-gallon style drum. These pumps are excellent for fuel transfers, refuelling tractors, machinery, boats, plus much more. They offer high transfer rates up to 75L/min. The kit includes 4m of discharge hose, an automatic shut-off nozzle, an adjustable dip tube and a power cable length. A nozzle holder is built into the pump, incorporating a sturdy on/off lever switch to activate the pump when required. A vital feature of these petrol pumps is incorporating an automatic internal bypass valve into the pump chamber. This bypass valve allows the fuel to recirculate around the pump rotor during periods where the nozzle is closed to flow, yet the pump is still running. This protects the pump from overload before and after transfer when the pump is running the fuel yet isn't flowing. These pumps should only be operated in this bypass mode for periods of 2-3mins maximum to avoid overheating the fluid being recirculated.
Compatible Fluids
This pump kit is ideally suited to Diesel, Unleaded Petrol, Gasoline, Kerosene and Mineral Spirits It may also work with some solvents and water-based solutions. The pumps are a sliding vane design and rely on the fluid they're pumping to help lubricate the vanes and slow wear. Users should check materials of construction and compatibility and operate at their own risk for fluids not listed above. Ethanol and blended fuels can be pumped with caveats. The pump is fitted with Viton internal seals making it compatible with ethanol fuels however the supplied hose is NBR material which is not compatible and will degrade over time. Scintex can supply additional hose in EPDM material with fittings for ethanol customers. The nozzle supplied also contains NBR seals which may degrade and need replacing with Viton if pumping Ethanol blended fuels. This pump is unsuitable for pumping Methanol as it degrades the Viton seals.
Pump Specifications Value
Voltage 12V
Inlet / Outlet 1" BSP
Flow rate 75L/min
Duty Cycle ~30mins
Pump Cast iron with Viton seals
Hose 4m x 3/4" (NBR)
Nozzle Aluminum with NBR seals
Warranty 12 months
  • Material: Not Applicable
  • Availability:

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