Locations - 22 February 2023

Water Tanks Melbourne

Tankworld is proud to deliver water tanks in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. With vigorous requests for these rain tanks in the zone, we guarantee you are serviced fast, and we maintain the best price guarantee to assure you buy with certainty from Tankworld.

Tankworld firmly believes that a rainwater tank is indispensable to every Australian home and garden. Throughout history, rainwater storage has played a vital role in the survival and sustainability of communities.

This profound reality should not be underestimated. Melbourne’s parks and water infrastructure heavily rely on a multitude of Tankworld poly and steel tanks.

Melbourne Australia Water Tanks

We have been offering tanks for sale in Melbourne for over 50 years, continuously refining our products to present our most robust designs yet.

Our Tankworld water tanks Melbourne are crafted from locally sourced, virgin food-safe plastic materials, seamlessly manufactured in a single piece. With proper upkeep, these tanks boast a lifespan of over 25 years and can be recycled once they reach the end of their journey.